The Room where it all started

The Room where it all started

So here's a bit about myself. I was born in Hackney in London, UK on August 26th 1990. Grew up in the church  like many which was where I learnt how to play drums and then the keyboard. My journey into production and audio engineering started in September 2008 . I had just started Kingston University (UK)  and I used my student loan to get a Laptop, Midi Keys, and Speakers! I was so excited and spent everyday just learning, creating, and having fun. As you can imagine my first couple of beats were rubbish , I had great ideas though. In the same year I got my name Mr.DaMention. I was speaking to my friend and UK Gospel artist "Faith Child" one night and we were going back and forth with what alias I'd have as my producer name.  Mid-way through the conversation Faith Child had a eureka moment "Why don't you call yourself DaMention" he says. "Your name is Dami and you have many Dimensions to you" he was referring to both me as a person and how versatile I was. I latched on to it instantly Mr.DaMention was born! I'm not sure what else to write in this bio but if there's anything else you'd like to know about me ask me on the wall thing to the right


Welcome to another Damention


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  • Tope

    Tope Canterbury

    This is too LIT!!

    This is too LIT!!

  • Dayo

    Dayo London

    You are amazing! Keep shining & inspiring x

    You are amazing!

    Keep shining & inspiring